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About Mechanical Drilling

Our ice auger flights are 5 cm in diameter, 1 m long and join one to another via a patented push-button connector, which allows for quick connection of one auger section to another. This method of assembly means that there are no pins or connector bolts to lose or care for and no bolts on which clothing can snag. An adapter is required for turning the augers using a 1/2 inch (1.5 cm) electric drill. We strongly recommend powering our auger with the engine drive that turns our auger at the optimum speed – or with a heavy duty electric drill rated at 550 to 650 RPM. Drilling rates of 1 m in 15 seconds in ice are achievable with this mode of power drive. If one wishes to turn the augers by hand, a hand brace is available. The 5.1 cm wide ice cutting bits are interchangeable with any auger flight. The bits can be sharpened by hand filing.

We have drilled 24m through a multiyear pressure ridge and 23m through a grounded ice island (tabular ice berg) with these augers using a 1/2 inch (1.5 cm) electric drill to power the flights.