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Cutting Blades


Each coring system comes with 1 set of standard size cutting blades and 1 set of wide blades. The standard size is used for normal coring operations, while the wide blades may be preferred when coring in brittle ice. The wide cutting blades remove more of the outside diameter of the ice core allowing more room inside the core barrel. This extra room helps to compensate for core barrel movement during operations and lessons the chance of disturbing the ice core.

The screws for attaching the cutting blades are sold separately

Standard Size Cutting Blades $185 USD

  •  Mark II:     COS-774-002
  •  Mark III:   COS-774-007
  •  Mark V:     COS-774-009
  •  Mark VI:   COS-774-003

Wide Size Cutting Blades: $185 USD

  • Mark II:     COS-774-005
  • Mark III:  COS-774-008
  • Mark V:     COS-774-010
  • Mark VI:   COS-774-006

Set of Screws for Replacement Coring Blades::
COS-901-004, $15 USD