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Power Units


Engine Drive

  • Engine to core barrel coupler included with the purchase of an engine.
  • The core barrel engine drive has a special low gear ratio transmission appropriate for turning the barrel at a low speed.
  • Use of benzene as fuel works very well at high altitudes.

2 stroke: COS-650-001, $425 USD
4 stroke: COS-660-001, (OUT OF STOCK)


Drill Drive

  • Our drills run at the desired RPMs to prevent the core barrel from being “over cored” and screwed in the ice. It has variable speed and reversing capabilities.
  • Drill to core barrel coupler is included in each core system but can be purchased separately.

COS-610-001, $268 USD



  • T-Handles are used to turn the core barrel by hand and are included with the purchase of a core system.
  • These items can also be purchased separately.

COS-776-001, $99 USD