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About Coring Systems

A close up photo of an ice coring drill bit

We currently manufacture four coring systems for the retrieval of ice cores. Our systems have been designed with careful consideration to ensure the material we use stands up to our customer’s needs and demands. Our proprietary core barrel is a light weight filament wound composite tube about 1.15 m long with plastic flighting. The cutting shoe is aluminum and the cutting teeth are heat treated steel. The drive head is stainless steel and aluminum and allows for extremely fast coupling and uncoupling from the core barrel. Each of our core systems come complete with 2 one meter extension rods and a robust field case that will help protect the core system during shipping and harsh field conditions.

All our core systems come complete with the following items:

  • (1) 1-Meter core barrel (the Mark VI comes with a 1.5 meter barrel)
  • (2) 1-Meter long extension rods
  • (1) T-handle for manual drilling
  • (1) Electric drill adaptor
  • (1) Set of allen wrenches
  • (1) Ice core sample bag
  • (1) Pair of standard cutting blades
  • (1) Pair of wide cutting blades
  • (1) 1-Meter long ruler
  • (1) Customized field case
  • (1) Coupler Collar
  • (5) Connector Pins