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About Kovacs Ice Auger Drills

Our stainless-steel ice auger drills consist of 3 primary pieces of equipment:  spiral flighted section, cutting head, and an adaptor/power attachment of your choosing.  This adaptor/power attachment will allow your power unit to connect to our augers and will be dependent on the mode of power you’ll be using:
               – Hand power will require a handbrace
               – Electric drill power will require an electric drill adaptor
               – Engine head will require an engine adaptor

Our augers are 5 cm diameter, 1 meter long, and can “chain” together via a patented push-button connector that allows for quick connection of one auger section to another. This method of assembly means there are no pins or connector bolts to lose or care for, and no bolts to snag on your clothing.  

The quick connection push-button is also used in our cutting bits making them easy to remove and replace while out in the field.  We have 2 styles to choose from to best meet your needs.

Our ice auger drills have been recorded drilling down through a 24m multiyear pressure ridge as well as a 23m grounded ice island (tabular iceberg) using a 1/2 inch (1.5 cm) electric drill to power the flights.