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The SideWinder is a proven hoisting system that speeds up taking core at depths over ~5 m. The SideWinder can be operated by one person but two people helps share the labor and further speeds up the cycle time. Coring to well over 20 meters using the SideWinder is not unique. The system uses an industrial variable speed reversing 13 mm electric ½ inch drill to both turn the core barrel and lift and lower the core barrel and drill rods within the bore hole. With proficiency, and a ~1 ½ m long barrel, coring to 20 m in several hours is possible. If you’re constrained by time, the SideWinder is the way to go. It’s quite simple (to use) and with a little practice, you will become adept at its use. Offsetting the added weight of the SideWinder system is the savings of the weight of extra personnel and gear. Lifting and lowering a drill string over ~6 m with core is quite difficult and requires more than one person. Turning the torsion stem (the handle) by hand is quite tedious and time consuming. With the SideWinder system, one person could drill alone if necessary. Two people are better and three is best. As one person can do the core measurements, cutting, packing and data recording while the third can lend a hand as needed. COS-740-001, $2,950 USD