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SideWinder Hoist

The SideWinder is a hoisting system used to speed up the process of taking core samples.  While it’s not a required piece of equipment, we typically recommend its use when coring to depths greater than 5 meters due to personnel fatigue as well as the extra manpower required to repetitively lift and lower the drill string over that distance.  With the SideWinder one person could drill alone if necessary.  Two people are better and three is best; as one person can do the core measurements, cutting, packing, and data recording while the third can lend a hand as needed.    

Coring to 20+ meters is not unique when using the SideWinder.  This hoist system uses a 120V industrial electric drill to both turn the core barrel and to lift/lower your core barrel, and drill rods, within the borehole.  With proficiency, coring to 20 meters in a day is possible.

COS-740-001, $2,999 USD