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Coring Video

Kovacs Mark III coring system being used in the Colville River at -25F.

Stef Lhermitte (Delft University of Technology/KU Leuven) and Mark Eijkelboom (Utrecht University) coring firn at the Roi Baudouin Ice Shelf in East Antarctica to study surface melt and ice shelf stability. Video credit: Stef Lhermitte.

Alison Criscitiello, Technical Director of the Canadian national ice core lab, using the Kovacs Mark VI to core down 20 meters at the Mt. Brown South ice core site in East Antarctica, 2018.

Kovacs Mark VI Ice Corer

Ice Coring on Elbrus Mountain

Manual Operation of the Kovacs Corer

Coring the Ice

More Coring Video

Kovacs Mark V Ice Corer recovering a sample from a glacier in Kongsfjorden, Norway.