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Thermal Drilling

Thermal drilling equipment is another one of our product lines. The standard thermal drill is ideal for shallow drilling at remote sites where shipment weight, dimensions, and portability are of concern. This thermal drill unit requires power from a 2 - 3 kW electric generator. This system’s boiler and pump unit fit into a latched shipping-field container only 36 cm (14 in.) wide, 53 cm (21 in.) high by 58 cm (23 in.) long. The box and boiler-pump unit weigh about 91 kg (200 lbs). The pump is rated at 8 liters per minute (2.1 g/min.) and the boiler can produce water of 80 to 90°C (175 to 195°F) depending on flow rate and supply water temperature.

We keep our standard thermal drills in stock!

Our standard thermal drill includes:

  • A compact hot water drilling system that can be used to drill through clean and dirty ice.
  • A stainless steel drill rod
  • A jet orifice - size depends on operator’s requirements; various size jet tips orifices can be provided based on customer needs
  • A high pressure hose is available which is specifically SAE rated for hot water use at 121°C (250°F) continuous and 135°C (275°F) intermittent flow. The customer selects hose length(s) and either 0.95 cm (3/8 in.) or 1.27 cm (1/2 in.) I.D. hose. The former weighs 0.33 kg/m (0.225 lbs/ft) and the latter weight 0.48 kg/m (0.32 lbs/ft). *We do not provide high pressure hydraulic hose as these hoses are not rated for high temperature water use.

**Custom thermal drill systems can be made to fit customer needs. Build times can vary depending on complexity.

TDS-800-001, Inquire for price